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BASIX - Building Sustainability Index - for all NSW Proposed New Dwellings and major alterations.


  • A BASIX certificate is required for most development application submissions, for new residential and alterations.
  • BASIX is a planning initiative of the NSW Government that requires all new dwellings to to be designed and built to achieve a 40% reduction in water consumption and 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the average dwelling. That is, new dwellings have to use less water and be more energy efficient.
  • We produce a draft assessment using the plans provided and then provide recommendations on the best / most efficient solutions in achieving two goals:
    • 1 Achieving compliance
    • 2 Achieving a more energy / water efficient design.
  • Our report details any recommendations in both cost and efficiency implications to the design, and clearly includes any compulsory or optional recommendations.
  • Our BASIX service is fixed price, with any unusual designs/projects we provide a quotation prior to commencement.
  • Our BASIX service is FAST - one day turnaround is typical.
  • As we are also ABSA assessors, for projects that require a more sophisticated thermal assessment, we can perform a NatHERS ABSA assessment. ABSA assessment >



  • BASIX - additions - approx $100 certificate only
  • BASIX - new dwelling- $385 full documentation, $150 certificate only (no DIY)
  • BASIX + ABSA thermal assessment - from $430 certifications only. ($695 full documentation,)
  • ABSA accredited assessment - $430 - $885
  • Full documentation includes all area calculations, basix schedule of committments and window schedules embedded onto drawing set / or new page created. Minor notes etc canbe included if provided as DWG format.
  • Detailed itemised fee proposal prior to commencement for complex projects.
  • We recommend you send thru some info and we will promptly provide a no-obligation quote and advice Contact us



  • BASIX is mandatory for the majority of residential development - new and additions in NSW. An expert Basix assessor can minimise the construction cost of compliance.
  • ABSA thermal assessment - is required for Victoria and Qld as part of compliance under the Building Code of Australia 2007/8 for residential buildings. State Variations exist in this section of the code - we can advise on your states requirements
  • As fully certified and compliant 2nd generation assessors, we can provide greater understanding and information on the design and rating, with greater accuracy in thermal simulation than compared with outdated and soon to be non-compliant NatHERS reports.



Further details on the BASIX certificate:


A minimum score of 40 in Water is required by BASIX for houses in Sydney.

Generally, components that are found to be required for a satisfactory pass in this section include:

  • showerheads and tap fittings with at least a 3A rating
  • dual flush toilets;
  • a rainwater tank for garden water use and / or 1 toilet and/or laundry.

Other recommendations include:

  • water efficient appliances ( eg washing machine)
  • grey water systems
  • low water / native landscaping with limited lawn areas



A minimum score of 40 for Energy is required by BASIX for single dwellings.

Generally, components that are found to be required for a satisfactory pass in this section include:

  • an efficient hot water system - Solar boosted / Gas instant. Electric storage is not suitable.
  • Passive solar design features - therby minimising mechanical heating/cooling.
  • Natural ventilation and clothes drying
  • LED or CFL lighting
  • evaporative cooler or efficient air-conditioning where required.


Thermal Comfort

The BASIX utilises a simplified version of Thermal Assessments. We can provide this advanced modelling using 2nd generation accredited assessments (simulation method). We will advise as to which method is the most suitable. Often a ABSA assessment will be more expensive but potentially save hundreds of dollars in the running costs of the new dwelling.

Generally, components that are found to be required for a satisfactory pass in this section include:

  • Passive solar design, with adequate amounts of solar winter access and shading of summer sun.
  • Sufficient insulation in construction of Floors / Roofs and Walls.
  • Suitable window frame/glass construction for the room/location/orientation.


more info: BASIX fact sheet>

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