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PHONE: 61 (0)2 9997 7480

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Information FlyerAbout Deneb Design

Deneb Design is a specialist architectural visualisation and design studio. We offer high quality digital images and animation for design visualisation and regulatory planning submission.


A key reason for our success is our ability to understand and integrate into our clients workflow. We provide a detailed and fixed job evaluation clearly providing the timeframe and quotation for your project.

Each project is overseen by our Principal, Cameron McFadzean cv


RAIA Aplus - Deneb Design is proudly an Australian Institute of Architects A plus practice. This ensures that we remain committed to first class service by undertaking regular continuing professional development courses and expanding and updating our knowledge. Aplus practices offer the best service, quality and professionalism.















About our Directors



Cameron McFadzean, Principal

Registered Architect #8750 NSW, RAIA,

ABSA assessor 20758, assoc IES,


Cameron is a registered Architect and sustainability assessor, and has been a director of Deneb Design since 1999. During this time he has worked on large and small scale projects and also in conjunction with some of Australia's most reputable Architectural firms to deliver a range of design services. From delivering competition submissions for Architectural firms, to concept design solutions, from complex 3D modelling and CNC manufacture of components to family homes.


Cameron runs Deneb Design on a high performance ethos. High performance is his passion - he is a dual Australian olympian and world cup champion (Sprint Kayaking). AOC

In architecture this commitment to performance delivers exceptional service and detailing. Each and every project undertaken carefully aims to balance the needs of the brief with the needs of our environment. "I am passionate about design integrity, far more than what I can quickly write on a précis for the internet. Instead I welcome the opportunity to discuss further with you." Cameron



Leda Michelle, Studio Director

BA Sci(BioChem) DipEd(secondary) .cv


Leda has been with Deneb Design since the beginning and is primarily the Studio Director and manager.

More critically her design expertise and ability to soft proof ensures all work from the studio requires her authority prior to being submitted. This quality control is critical in controlling the quality of work performed by all areas of the studio production are up to standard and that the certification process is integral and "hard wired" into the daily pipeline of Deneb.


Leda shares in the performance ethos and is a highly credited international athlete, both on the Olympic World arenas. A model , business woman and accomplishment over adversity has led her to be a highly acclaimed spokesperson and role model.




AIA_Aplus RAIA - Australian Institute of Australia - Aplus Practice
Board of Architects NSW
ABSAlogo ABSA - Association of Building Sustainability Assessors. Certified 2nd gen software Assessor. Assessor 20758
ies logo

IES - Illuminating Engineers Society, Australia. Associate. (Certification for Shadow Diagrams)


AAAi AAAI - Aust Assoc of Architectural Illustrators.
basix Dept of Planning NSW - Basix certifier.
AOC Australian Olympian - Olympians Club of Australia
max Principal modelling - 3DMax (2012), Principal rendering - Mental Ray. Technology provider.
adobe Adobe CS5 suite. Technology provider.
acad Autodesk suite products.
canonleica Canon and Sigma Photography - Leica Laser survey system. All combine to offer a technologically superior, certified photomatch modelling technique.




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