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Information Flyerbenefits of working with Deneb Design


  • Our team constantly refines the skills and techniques of design presentation and digital visualisation.
  • We use the latest software and extensive resource library.
  • This enables us to confidentially state that we are capable of producing cutting edge, elite standard presentations that will meet your exacting requirements.
  • As design professionals, trained in the architectural industry with over 12 years experience, you can trust your project will be in safe hands.



  • We deliver on time .
  • By using a dedicated presentation service provider your time and effort can be directed elsewhere while still controlling the presentation process & maintaining authorship.
  • Valuable resources such as your employee time and your computing power are not tied up.



  • reduce expensive employee skill training
  • reduce requirement for expensive specialised software
  • reduce demand on computer hardware,
  • restructure your costing on presentations by deferring all costs until actual presentation requirement - rather than maintaining resources throughout the year.



  • a range of services to match your requirements
  • We integrate seamlessly into your workflow for the project.
  • we can provide the right service for the project
  • by bundling a range of services we offer a substantial efficiency both in your administration and costs.
current @ 2014-06-06