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Information FlyerInformation Flyers on the range of Deneb Design Services.


General information Flyer, on the broad range of architectural presentation services. PDF_0.8Mb


Thermal Analyis

ABSA Thermal Analysis / House Energy Rating (BersPro - Nathers equiv) Services. Includes compliance for BCA2007/2008, Vic ResCode, NSW DoP Basix. PDF_0.6Mb
Photomontage Photomontage Services, for certified photomontage in DA applications and regulatory requirements. PDF_0.5Mb   Visualisation Services Visualisation & Graphic Design, 3D modelling and graphics - from concept ideas to photo realism. Industrial design, Naval Architecture and boats to interiors, landscape, colours and material visualising. PDF_0.5Mb

Shadow Diagram + View Analysis. Computer generated shadows for any time of year - solstice, equinox, shows the proposed and existing conditions. PDF_0.6Mb

  Shadow Architectural Physical Model. Computer generated 3D model produces a robust economical plastic physical model, suitable for council DA submissions, using stereolithography or 3D printing. PDF_0.7Mb

Information FlyerFor further samples and info please refer to the Gallery or the Samples section or contact us.



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