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Information FlyerStern Arch
Stern Arch photo  

Stern Arch - Stainless Steel Design and Manufacture

We design, engineer and produce high quality Stern Arch / Targa Arches for Yachts. As we are designers rather than fabricators we are intrinstically drawn to ensuring the aesthetic and structural integrity of the yacht is complimented by the design.


A series of design studies and engineering requirements are made prior to the design being fabricated.


We have produced designs for the range of Bavaria yachts and HANSE yachts, Beneteau and Jeaneaue, including Stern Arches with integrated teak seats, and single teak seat pushpits - to replace the existing.


Our design works with the structural parameters of each yacht and the finished product is always a highly engineered, high quality mirror finished product.


Please contact Cameron McFadzean directly for information on these designs.

stern arch brochure

current @ 2008-10-28