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architectural scale models
architectural scale model
DA Scale Model

Suitable for DA Applications , visualisation, massing, keepsake.



Model Details:

Typically includes: Proposed design , with 3D Terrain of Site, and outline of Neighbours , North Point, Title , Site Plan base board, Scale



0.15 mm (thats as thick as human hair) and 1 - 2mm real size for balustrade / post strength .



3D Printed using biodegradeable plastic PLA

made from natural corn and very strong.



Other things:

we are 3D Modelling experts, you need a 3D file to build from. Working in 2D or manual is not a problem, we just need time to build the 3D file for you.


Build Price * - indicative • House only , (Approx A4 1: 200) $800 • A3 Footprint , Full site terrain, Neighbour Outlines $1200 approx for 1:200 Model. • Size of build and suitable 3D influences price.

Highly detailed architectural model
biodegradeable PLA
Efficient Scale Model
made in asutralia  
current @ 2015-04-17