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NATHERS ASSESSMENT - thermal assessment of residential dwellings.

  • House Energy Rating - Building Thermal Performance + Basix (simulation Method)
  • ABSA assessment for full compliance with Building Code of Australia and Basix.
  • NatHERS Certification is another name for this service.


  • Our 2nd generation BERS pro assessments are fully accredited as an ABSA (association of Building Sustainability Assessors)
  • These assesments provide a comprehensive analysis of the design and include a detailed report listing recommendations both suggested and optional for consideration.
    • Recommendations list: Star rating, climate analysis, energy Design recommendations for increased efficiency and comfort include costs for any recommended alterations.
    • Analysis report includes minimum requirements for compliance and optional considerations for the client.
  • Accredited for Building Code of Aust, Vic (Vic Sustainability), NSW (DoP Basix), Qld.
  • In conjunction with the Thermal Analysis we also recommend a BASIX certification at this time.
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  • ABSA accredited assessment - $360 - $885
  • Full documentation includes all area calculations, basix schedule of committments and window schedules embedded onto drawing set / or new page created. Minor notes etc can be included if provided as DWG format.
  • Detailed itemised fee proposal prior to commencement for complex projects.
  • We recommend you send thru some info and we will promptly provide a no-obligation quote and advice Contact us



  • ABSA thermal assessment - is required for Victoria and Qld as part of compliance under the Building Code of Australia (NCC) for residential buildings. State Variations exist in this section of the code - we can advise on your states requirements.
  • ABSA thermal assessment - in NSW is used in conjunction with the BASIX procedure. The ABSA thermal assessment enables far greater understanding and therefore flexibilty than the Basix on its own.
  • As fully certified and compliant 2nd generation assessors, we can provide greater understanding and information on the design and rating, with greater accuracy in thermal simulation than compared with outdated and soon to be non-compliant NatHERS reports.





  • The earlier an energy assessment is conducted the easier / cheaper and more efficient achieving higher performance in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency is able to be applied to the proposed design.
  • Passive solar design and ESD (Ecologically Sustainable Development) are the cornerstones of responsible modern residential development and should be considered as early as possible in the project.
  • In saying the above, our advanced thermal modelling can audit any design and we can provide recommendations to enable 5 star energy efficient performance is accomplished.


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